Where to buy Adeline Foo’s books (e.g., Whoopie Lee, Almost Famous)

From: adeline foo <contact@amoslee.com.sg>
Date: Sun, Oct 2, 2011 at 10:48 PM
Subject: distributors for purchase of books

I have two distributors listed here.  Either one, depending on who’s available to meet the expat schools’ request.

Marketasia Distributors is the publisher’s main distributor.

Celine Chow
Tel: 9657 4234

Eduworks arranges school talks for several authors, including me.
Karen Tan Tel: 9755 6647
Hope this helps.  Attached is an updated book cover, the one you’re using was released before the book was printed.

Adeline was pleased to hear she was on the Red Dot shortlist for Younger Readers this year.

Good to hear from you! This is great news J 

Thank you very much.  The students from BIS, Phuket will be thrilled.  They’re reading this book as part of a library programme, Monica is arranging for us to skype with her students two weeks from now. 

I’ll make time for talks to promote the Red Dot shortlist.  We have more stuff to talk about, since Amos (and hence Whoopie) is going on TV. 

Thanks again, Adeline

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