Red Dot Awards – new promotional materials & way to have kids comment

With 52 days until voting on the Red Dot Book Awards begins, we have uploaded some new promotional material you can download off the website:

  •  bookmarks for easy photocopying (thanks to Sarah Torrible), and 
  • a poster which explains the four categories and summarizes the important information about the awards and Readers Cup

We have also added a Comments form and display at the bottom of each book’s page on the website (rather than having a separate blog for each category, we decided to try using Google Forms and Spreadsheets as the vehicle — and look forward to your feedback on how it works for you and your students).
The Comments/Review form can be accessed in several ways.
The category pages (Early Years, Younger Readers, Older Readers, and Mature Readers) allow students to easily access all the books for commenting.

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