About Us

International School Library Network (ISLN) is a Singapore Registered Society formed to provide support and professional development for school library staff or for people with with an interest in school libraries. The aims of the network are to:

  • Provide networking opportunities for school library staff and other interested parties
  • Promote the continuing professional development of teacher-librarians and school library staff
  • Share, develop and publish materials which will promote the development of school libraries and teacher-librarianship
  • Cooperate and liaise with other associations and bodies with similar aims and fields of interest

ISLN is also responsible for the Red Dot Book Awards, an annual student choice book award founded in 2009. It is open to all school libraries in Singapore. Shortlist titles are chosen by a committee of teacher-librarians from recent children’s literature (first published in English within the past four years), with the goal of offering a range of books from around the world.

We meet approximately four times a year and have a mailing list to keep our members informed about developments in school libraries, professional development opportunities, and to share information on best practice and suppliers.

Library staff and teachers are welcome to attend meetings and to subscribe to the mailing list but there are advantages to becoming a paid member school. (See membership details here.)

Paid members:

  • have access to members-only shared documents, including, for example, answers to members’ queries from a copyright lawyer consulted by ISLN
  • are entitled to discounts at certain professional development events
  • can access a $500 per annum scholarship fund for library support staff to take part in further study or PD
  • have access to the ISLN BorrowBox consortium, giving their school inexpensive access to a range of eBooks and audio books
  • have access to the Epic! ebook consortium for international schools

If you have any questions about ISLN, please email us at librarynetwork@gmail.com.