Membership Information

ISLN offers free membership and several categories of paid membership. Details are below. Membership forms and important dates are at the bottom of the page. Click here to access the membership form directly. 

Free membership

Anyone can:
  • Attend all general network meetings – or other events as invited by ISLN;
  • Participate in the Red Dot Awards and other public initiatives;
  • Be invited to general events, e.g., author visits;
  • Access public resources on the ISLN and Red Dot websites.

Paid membership

If you wish, you can become a member of ISLN. Members have these additional rights, depending on their level of membership:
  • Attendance at AGMs;
  • Voting privileges, whenever a member vote is required (at AGMs and other meetings);
  • Conference/PD discount;
    • 20% discount for Associate, Personal, and Corporate
    • For School members, 20% discount for nominated library staff & 10% discount for other staff at the school
  • Participation in promotions like the Red Dot Awards — free books for those members who signed up early and/or right to order books through ISLN;
  • Membership in the ISLN Google Group listserv, e.g., more detailed and/or more exclusive information than non-members receive — and the ease of sending notices to all other members using the ISLN Google Group email list; the Google Group also allows members to upload files to be shared with other members, but not with the general public.
  • Access to liaison information and liaison rights, as negotiated by our Liaison Officer, with other librarian groups such as IASL and the National Book Development Council;
  • Eligibility for any Lucky Door Prizes at network meetings;
  • Access to the Singapore International School Libraries Wheelers ConsortiumMembers who subscribe to a Wheelers Shelf will have access to over 1000 titles through the consortium, including selected Red Dot titles.  Interested members should ask the Secretary for a letter of introduction to Wheelers.

The membership categories are:

Personal Membership—$50

Open to professional staff currently employed in school libraries in Singapore. Professional membership will entitle that person to attend meetings, vote, receive correspondence and to enjoy a 20% discount on professional development and training offered by the society. Please fill out this form to join. If at any time, a personal member wishes to transfer their membership to a school membership, the personal membership fees will be credited towards the higher fees.

School membership—from $75–$250

  • Fewer than 500 students = $ 75 per annum
  • 500 to 999 students = $ 125 per annum
  • 1000 and 1999 students = $ 175 per annum
  • Over 2000 students = $ 250 per annum
Open to schools in Singapore that currently employ library staff, where a school includes multiple campuses operating under one name. School Membership will entitle nominated staff ( those people holding the post of Librarian or Teacher-Librarian or person(s) in charge of a library (no maximum number) ) to attend meetings, vote, receive correspondence and to enjoy a 20% discount on professional development and training offered by the society for those nominated staff. Additional staff members employed by the member institution associated with the member library will receive a 10% discount on professional development and training.  Please fill out this form to join. School memberships also entitle members to other benefits, including access to professional development funds for library support staff.

Associate Membership—$35

  • Open to teaching/library assistants, university students, staff of non‐profit organisations. Associates may attend meetings, receive correspondence and to enjoy a 20% discount on professional development and training offered by the society.  Please fill out this form to join.

Corporate Membership—$100

NB: For all membership categories, members must be paid in full by the AGM (generally held in April) in order to exercise their voting rights. Schools who are financial members of ISLN by the end of October  will still be eligible for discount on ISLN-related professional development.

Lifetime Membership—Free

Long-standing members of ISLN who were active for at least five years and have left Singapore or retired from school libraries may be invited to become lifetime members and enjoy ISLN personal membership benefits at no cost. Lifetime members must be nominated at a regular ISLN meeting.

How to Join ISLN

2019-2020 Membership form – Google Drive
  • Fill in the Membership Form linked above and send a copy of the form as well as confirmation of payment to our official email account —
  • Payment for 2019/2020 is due by 26 April, 2019.
  • NB:  Our AGM is on Monday, 29 April, 2019, and only paid-up members can vote or stand for the Executive Committee.
  • NB:  Only paid-up schools can invite their library staff (professional and support) to attend for free the End-of-Year Celebration.  Others will have to pay $20 per person.
Link to the official list of ISLN 2019/2020 members
  • Please edit your school’s “LIST OF NAMES OF PROFESSIONAL LIBRARY STAFF (with voting privileges)” and contact details.  NB:  If you have people joining your library staff next academic year, you can list them now and let them vote or nominate for a position. 
  • If your membership status is incorrect, please inform the Treasurer by emailing
If you want to check the past year’s membership information, see this link to view the ISLN 2018/2019 membership spreadsheet.

Information about the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Executive Committee Nominations

2019 AGM Executive Committee Nomination Form (a Google Form): Submit as many nominations as you like — for yourself or for someone you know is willing.  We will second the nominations right before the AGM. The deadline for submitting nominations is 5pm, April 26th.  
  • You can indicate list one person for more than one position — whether President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Liaison Officer, and/or Webmaster.  When we vote, we’ll start with President and anyone who ISN’T elected can still be included in the roster for the next position being voted on, e.g., Vice-President.
2019 AGM Proxy Voting Form — Fill out this form to indicate who, attending the AGM, can vote on your behalf, if you can’t be there on April 29th — and make sure that form is in the hands of the Secretary before the start of the AGM.  You only get a vote if your school is a paid member by April 26th and your name is included in the “LIST OF NAMES OF PROFESSIONAL LIBRARY STAFF (voting privileges)” column on the Official 2019/2020 Membership spreadsheet (link given above).
ISLN Constitution (last amended in 2010) – PDF NB: Our financial year runs from April 1 to March 31