FW: David Greenberg, Children’s Book Author, Poetry Assemblies and Civil Rights Assemblies, booking dates for school year 2011-2012.

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Subject: David Greenberg, Children’s Book Author, Poetry Assemblies and Civil Rights Assemblies, booking dates for school year 2011-2012. I am scheduled to visit schools in Singapore and Malaysia in October. Looking for other schools to join tour. Am pla…
1/ Poetry Assemblies (based on my poetry picture books)
Civil Rights Assemblies (based on my historical fiction novel)

I’m David Greenberg ( http://www.authorsillustrators.com/greenberg/greenberg.htm ), author of beautifully illustrated poetry books for children:  Slugs, Bugs!, Skunks!, Snakes!, Whatever Happened to Humpty Dumpty?, The Book of Boys for Girls-The Book of Girls for Boys, Don’t Forget Your Etiquette, Crocs!, Enchanted Lions, among others, all of which have received wonderful reviews.  My novel, about the 1960s civil rights movement in America, A Tugging String, has received superb reviews, http://www.authorsillustrators.com/greenberg/review_Tugging.htm (My father was Dr. Martin Luther King’s primary attorney, helped argue Brown v Board of Education, and the novel describes a child’s-eye view of events.) It is winner of the Oregon Spirit Award, was a finalist for the Oregon Book Award.  I’m currently writing a poetry collection for Scholastic all about life at school. I present 1/ assemblies for all grades based on my poetry picture books and 2/ assemblies for grades three through HS based on my civil rights novel.

Following are endorsements of my work from educators that should give you a good sense of the regard in which my programs are held:

“David Greenberg came to our school back in 2001 for our first Author Visit.  Ten years later we brought him back for an encore performance and WOW!  The Poetry assembly was just as ridiculously funny the second time around, but the Civil Rights assembly was truly spectacular.  Teachers, parents, and students were talking about this “event” for weeks and weeks after the assembly.  If you do anything this year, find the time and money to bring David Greenberg to your school.  You owe it to your students!”
Debra Brahmi, Media Specialist, Ventnor Educational Community Complex, Ventnor, NJ dbrahmi@veccnj.org

“I had a teacher who has been here for 19 years tell me that you were the best speaker we have had here at Chandler.”
Ashley Payne Laird, Seventh Grade English, English Department Head, Chandler School, CA, ALaird@chandlerschool.org

“I would like to express my admiration regarding David Greenberg’s presentations, both Poetry and Civil Rights.  I was the host school and gathered 4 other schools into a week of David Greenberg’s presentations.  We were fortunate to have him spend a day in each district. I have heard nothing but wonderful feedback on the content and presentation of David. He involved the students and staff, all grades, alike.  Several schools have asked about the possibility of a return visit.  School board members were very impressed by the content and audiences’ attentiveness to David.  Staff members have gone out of their way to thank me for bringing David into our district, even several weeks after the fact..
I, personally, was able to attend both presentations and was wildly impressed.  As a host, you always wonder if this will be a presenter that will just take up time, or it this the one that could get even those students who grudgingly attend interested.  It is always a gamble. I was told that not ONE student had to be spoken to during the hour of David Greenberg and “that says a lot about the quality of the presenter”.”

I would wholeheartedly recommend David for any school.  Renita L. McCabe-Irvin, Media Specialist, Stewartville Public Schools, Stewartville, MN 55976   rirvin@ssd.k12.mn.us

“Words simply do not exist to adequately praise David Greenberg’s civil rights assembly. His presentation had our middle school students and teachers mesmerized as we listened to his personal insights, excerpts from his book A Tugging String, and viewing historical photos in a wonderful PowerPoint. Each year our teachers “talk” about civil rights in conjunction with Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. Never have our students taken to heart the message as they did after meeting Mr. Greenberg whose father was the lead attorney for Martin Luther King, Jr. Civil rights books are flying off the library shelves. This civil rights assembly is a must for any middle school!”   Cindy Glenn, Cathedral School, Librarian, Portland, OR 97209

“S everal months ago, one of our members shared her experience with author David Greenberg. As a result, I booked David for a visit to our school, and he was, in a word, INCREDIBLE. He mesmerized our students and teachers alike with his abundant humor, energy and enthusiasm. The halls were buzzing as our students moved back to their classrooms, comparing their favorite lines from his poems. My students were so eager to borrow his books that I literally had to raffle them off to those who were lucky enough to have library class after the assemblies. Their far and away favorite was his Book of Boys (for Girls) and Book of Girls (for Boys). I had used this book to prepare for his visit, and despite the fact that my book fair starts tomorrow; I still had the most orders for that book than for any other book I have ever offered! My teachers kept stopping me to compliment me on my wise choice for the author visit (Yeah!!). I highly recommend his writing workshop as well; I’ve NEVER seen our students so motivated. One teacher even suggested that David’s techniques be used for our PSSA (state tests) prompts if the state really wanted to see what our students are capable of.
Ok, so clearly I’m gushing, but when I can bring this type of experience to my students, I feel that I have impacted their lives-hopefully forever. I encourage you to look to his website
( http://www.authorsillustrators.com/greenberg/greenberg.htm ), and give serious thought to inviting David to your school. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance.”  Maria Sweet, Media Specialist, West Rockhill Elementary, Sellersville, PA  MSweet@pennridge.org

“In April of 2009 our faculty and students here at the QSI International School of Chongqing (China) hosted a visit by David Greenberg. We are a new school and David’s visit was important for two reasons. First, simply because he was our first visiting author, and second it was very important that this initial visit be one that would set the standard for what our students could expect from future author visits. I can tell you that he met our expectations and set high standards for those that will follow. If you are looking for an author who is authentic, personable, funny, engages students and holds their attention then bring David to your school. His interaction with and the learning experience for students from 5 to 15 years old was consistently excellent. He knows students, their interests regardless of age. Certainly ours benefited greatly from his visit.”   Roy Douthitt, Director, QSI International School of Chongqing  douthirl@yahoo.com

“David Greenberg’s engaging assembly reflecting his newest book  A Tugging String left our students in wide-eyed awe…”  Sam Allegro and Hope Willy, teachers @ Washington/Hoyt Elementary,Tacoma ,WA  allegro94@netscape.com

“I can’t express how important your visit has been to our students.  Many, many parents approached me, following your Civil Rights talk,  to discuss their family dinner conversations since hearing you.  It was the first realization for some children and most found it very difficult to understand how and why things were the way they were.  Their awareness is ‘priceless” as the commercials say.  
Thank you so much for your time and effort in visiting our school, but more than that, for sharing your family story and opening our young minds.”
Jane O’Malley, Phillippi Shores I B World School, Sarasota, FL Jane_O’Malley@sarasota.k12.fl.us

I have, in recent years, worked at a good number of International and Department of Defense Schools, and have enjoyed the work so much, that I write you with the hope of interesting you in inviting me to your school.  I’m currently scheduling tours for next school year.  I will be visiting the Singapore American School and Mont Kiara International School (in Malaysia) in October 2011.  (International Schools that have had me visit for the past five years are listed at the bottom of this message.  I’ve provided e-mail addresses of my contacts, so you can get in touch to find out more about how they feel about the quality of my work.)

If you’re looking for an author who is a superb, wonderful, inspirational presenter, I’m the guy. I’m regularly told that my presentations were “awesome,” “amazing,” “ the best presentation of any sort our school has ever had,” “the finest presentation I’ve seen in thirty years as a teacher.” (Look below, or click here to see other testimonials: http://www.authorsillustrators.com/greenberg/endorse.htm )
And I have specific, specialized presentations for primary, upper elementary, middle school and high school.  1/ POETRY ASSEMBLIES: For grades K-12 I present assemblies based on my poetry picture books . These are fun, very funny, filled with interaction, and rich with wonderful illustrations from my books.  2/ CIVIL RIGHTS ASSEMBLIES: For grades 3 – HS, I present assemblies based on my historical novel that deals with the civil rights situation in America in the 1960s, A TUGGING STRING.  In this assembly I describe the attitudes, emotions, events, and personalities of the civil rights movement and how Dr. Martin Luther King  (helped by my father who was his lawyer) peacefully helped to move America from a time of great racial injustice to a time with an African American as president. This deeply moving assembly is very visual, filled with pictures of the time.  It thematically connects to issues of human rights worldwide.

Please check my recent references below or at http://www.authorsillustrators.com/greenberg/references.htm and they’ll tell you my programs were outstanding. I’m keenly aware that this seems terribly brash, but if you are seeking an author who will wow your students, teachers, and parents, I fit the bill. I care deeply about the quality of my work, take great pride in it.

My assemblies go beyond inspiration.  I vividly connect my presentations to the writing curriculum, emphasizing the qualities that make for high quality writing such as strong imagery, imagination, noticing, detail, word choice, voice. I make a special point of talking about the enormous number of rejections I’ve received in my career. For I believe that attitude makes the writer. Attitude is more important than talent. I have succeeded as a writer because I’ve set a goal and been tenacious in the face of rejection and difficulty. And by telling my story I inspire students to persevere in the face of their challenges. Often I’m told that children who were previously reluctant writers began to write with passionate energy following my school visit.

I also present Writing Workshops (I have written books on writing instruction), Teacher Inservices (again, I’m told by many that they’re the best they’ve ever attended in their careers; check my references, you’ll see) and Family Evening Sessions (in which children and parents write together in family teams).

I charge $1000 a day plus expenses.  For this fee I am willing to present up to four presentations a day with students and, if you wish, an after-school Teacher Inservice, and a Family Evening Presentation.

Typically, with a school’s permission, I bring my books along for autographing, sparing the school any of the trouble of ordering books and sending back remainders.

If you’d like to contact me you can do so at authilus@teleport.com or you can call me at 360-560-7766. I’d be happy to send you a preview video of my assemblies for primary and/or for upper elementary.

It may also be relevant to your considerations that I am founder of, director of, and instructor at the Oregon Coast Children’s Book Writers Workshop, www.occbww.com

It would be a pleasure and an honor to visit your school!

David Greenberg

A Few recent References and Testimonials (with e-mail addresses you may use to make contact): 1 & 2 :

1 / References from International Schools 2005-2011: 

School Year 2010-2011

Ramstein Intermediate School, Lacy Ullman, ullmann.lacy@googlemail.com

Bamberg Elementary School, Kristin Taylor, kristin.taylor@eu.dodea.edu

Robinson Barracks EMS, Sharon Gilbert, Sharon.Gilbert@eu.dodea.edu

School year 2009-2010
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All seven QSI Schools in China:  Shenzhen, Shekou, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Suzhou
Britt Brantley, principal, Shekou, coordinator, britt-brantley@qsi.org

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The Netherlands
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Puerto Rico
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Kelly Bradin 

Dominican Republic
Carol Morgan School
Laura Peabody 

School Year 2005-2006
International School of Turin, Italy
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Copenhagen International School, Denmark
Urania Beyer

American School Foundation of Monterrey, Mexico
Mario Chioini (now in France)

Shanghai American School, China
Gwen Martin

Shekou International School, China
Kathy Sandler

International School of Yangon, Myanmar
Claire Vickery

Taipei American School
Mary Biss

Ikego Elementary and Byrd Elementary, Japan
Michelle Moore

Arnn Elementary, Japan
Jan Danford

West Elementary, Japan
SeinDee Konieczny

2 / Testimonials from Recent School Visits:

“David Greenberg’s engaging assembly reflecting his newest book “The Tugging String” left our students in wide-eyed awe.
Just as he does with his wonderfully, whimsical poetry presentations, David’s delivery, though serious, given the subject manner,
captured all those present in the room. Every year schools, ours being no different, teach their students the powerful
message of the life that Dr. Martin Luther King led. However, David’s  first hand experience, as the son of MLK’s primary civil rights attorney, Jack Greenberg, brought a relevant young person’s perspective and reality to this historical time that could not be matched.
The students listened to text highlights and observed photos from David’s book with a  true realization that such a horrific thing could actually have happened in this country. We were all left with an awareness that with the recent inauguration of President Barack Obama,
we have all marched a “milestone” in our nation’s history. Without a second breath, every school should invite Mr.Greenberg to enrich and enchant their student’s learning. “
Sam Allegro and Hope Willy, teachers @ Washington/Hoyt Elementary,Tacoma ,WA  allegro94@netscape.com

“The impact you have made in our building with our student writers is amazing”.   Nick Montesano, Media Specialist, New Jersey

“You were, by far, the most entertaining author we’ve hosted in the five years we’ve been organizing our author visits. We found it remarkable that you presented three completely interactive one-hour fifth and sixth grade programs without ever needing to ask the students to settle down.  You’ve shown us all that the best way to engage an audience is to make them so eager to hear what you have to say next that they maintain control throughout! ”   Terese Guerriero terese33@optonline.net

“Hi David,  Thank YOU!  Your assemblies were everything that you advertised them to be.
I can honestly say that they were the most popular assemblies that I have seen in my time at UES. 
I hope that you can visit our school again in the future!”
Brenda Coggins, Educational Coordinator  brenda@youngschool.com

“I have never received so much positive feedback as I did after your presentation to the school and to the parents.  It is just so very exciting.  Even our custodian caught the energy you brought.  Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and great ideas.  Keep writing and we will be looking for more words of wisdom from Mr. Greenberg.”  Carole Worthen  cworthen@washoe.k12.nv.us

“Gloria,  I can not tell you how much I, personally, enjoyed Mr. Greenberg… and I know that my students were just as entertained.  His presentation could not have come at a better time, as we have just started a poetry writing project.  I know that the kids will write with greater inspiration, passion, and enthusiasm because of his writer’s view of writing.  Thank you for including us… and insisting that we attend.  It was nothing short of AWESOME! ”     Gloria Woods  gwoods@parishepiscopal.org

“Dear Mr. Greenberg, On behalf of the entire ISC student body, faculty and administration, please accept our sincere gratitude for making four memorable presentations to our elementary, middle school, high school students, as well as to our teacher/parent group after school.  Yesterday’s workshops were truly one of the highlights of this entire school year for our school, and we cannot begin to describe how much our students enjoyed their respective assemblies. 
It was truly amazing to witness how you were able to adjust your presentations to each of the three age groups so that students remained engaged, and in some cases mesmerized by your poems, stories and wonderful insights into writing.  As I stated at the end of each presentation, you are an exceptional presenter, one of the best I have ever worked with in my 20 years as an international educator.    Be assured that many of our ISC students will be better motivated to not only read more, but to in your own words, they will work harder at becoming better writers as well.”
Paul Combs, Principal, International School of Curitiba, Brazil, paul.combs@iscbrazil.com  

“Hello David,
We are getting awesome comments from our teachers.  They are wishing we had done
this earlier in the year because the students are so excited to write down their
thoughts and school is out in one week!  We could not have kicked off our new
concept with a better person.”
  Carol Snyder, Media Specialist, NJ  carolsnyder@clearwire.net

“You had our high school students in the ‘palm of your hand’ that Tuesday afternoon. They were absolutely mesmerized by your words–and your passion for words! They spoke about it for days. Thanks for bringing such wonderful energy to our school community.”  Lore Roethke, High School Teacher, Brazil lore.roethke@iscbrazil.com

“Dear Mr. Greenberg,
Thank you for your wonderful workshops.  Our students were thrilled with your writing, your books and your presentations!  Even now, a week later, they are still talking about you and your poems & stories.  They want to know if you will be returning next year!”
Antoinette Combs, Teacher, Brazil, acombs@iscbrazil.com

“Oodles of rave reviews from everyone here…especially from the middle
school kids!
Thanks for a great job!”
Rhonda Ramey, Media Specialist, Georgia rramey@stlukeum.com

I had author, David Greenberg, at my school last night.  We had a family language arts night and he kicked off the evening with a fantastic presentation.  We geared the evening to 6th graders and their families, but all ages would love David’s presentation.  Our staff, parents, and students LOVED him!  He is an excellent public speaker, but also very funny and inspiring.  Also, his books are adorable.  I highly recommend him – if you have any questions feel free to call or e-mail me.”
Susan Thornton-Ball, Media Specialist, Nevada  Susan_T_Ball@interact.ccsd.net

“Dear Colleagues:
I cannot begin to tell you how much our students “loved” David Greenberg.
He is an author of poetry and has written 30 + books.  He appealed to all ages and kept their attention for almost an hour.  He shares valuable tips about writing and “working”.
He also conducts Writing Workshops and has been associated with BER in that capacity.
I heartily recommend him for school visits.”
Charlotte Anderson, Librarian,  Tennessee   charlottea@wcs.edu

“We enjoyed having you so much. The response from our students was fantastic! They are writing up a storm.”
Cathie Padgett, Media Specialist, Oregon catherine_padgett@gbsd.gresham.k12.or.us

“Hello Mr. Greenberg!  This is Kim Bublitz from Immanuel Lutheran School in Bay City, Michigan.  Is there any chance that you might be available for an author visit on Friday, February 29th?  Or in the first week of March?  As I have struggled with getting an author this year, I can’t help but think that, by far, you have been the most inspirational author for our kids.”
Kim Bublitz, PTA, Michigan  maddmamaof4@hotmail.com

“David Greenberg visited our school in October 2007, and he provided one of the finest author events we’ve ever had. During each presentation, he used humor, rhythm, and rhyme to keep every audience in the palm of his hand. From kindergarten through 3rd grade, all of our students stayed with him from start to finish. He was able to take an audience from the heights of hearty laughter to silent attentiveness in mere seconds. This is a presenter who understands the way kids think and how they respond to verbal cues.

Greenberg’s presentations were both educational and entertaining–a combination that is hard to beat, as well as hard to find. I would not hesitate to recommend David to any school looking for a thoroughly effective author event. David is enthusiastic, easy to work with, and pleasant in every way. Programming dollars are not easy to come by, so every school hopes for certain results when selecting an author/speaker. David Greenberg is not only a poet who has produced an impressive portfolio of children’s literature, he is also dependable. He has a passion for the work he does, and it shows.”
Gary Brown, Media Specialist, TX  gbrown@ccisd.net

“This place has been a wild and crazy one since you left us on Friday! I don’t want to let another minute pass without thanking you again for a wonderful visit to our school. You promised me excitement, enthusiasm and energized enthusiastic kids, and you delivered! The students loved you and really enjoyed having the chance to meet you. They are so excited about your book. Thank you again for helping to get our 2006 reading challenge off to a snaketacular start.”      Sherry Kalbach, Librarian,   Pennsylvania        skalbach@clsd.k12.pa.us

“The assemblies you presented today were absolutely fabulous! Your energy and excitement was very contagious, and consensus had it that you resembled a mix between Adam Sandler and Jerry Seinfeld… energetic, hilarious and witty. We felt very fortunate to have you at High Lakes Elementary and look forward to recommending you to other schools in our area. Thank you for engaging and entertaining our K-2nd graders, and inspiring our 3rd-5th graders to read and write poetry, all in the name of fun! The principal and vice-principal, along with many others, raved about you at our PTA meeting tonight. You left smiles on all of our faces who were lucky enough to watch the assemblies. The hard-back books you sold were beautifully illustrated and went well with your poetry. So, a big thanks to you again for such a memorable event!”
 Lori Weichman, Arts & Culture Coordinator,  High Lakes Elementary,  Bend, Oregon      lweichman@bendbroadband.com

“David, You were AWESOME!!!”
Carol Potter,  Librarian,  Texas      cpott129@neisd.net

“You were a HUGE hit, here at Carpenter School yesterday morning. I heard positive comments from teachers and kids all day long. One teacher told me that after a big science test, three of her students were trying to write poetry, including two boys. A second grade class created a poem which great rhythm right after your presentation. My principal was also very complimentary about your presentation.  We’d love to invite you back to our school in a few years!”
Glenna Pearson, Librarian,   Illinois   gpearson@d64.k12.il.us

“David, The kids are still talking about you and so are the teachers. Some of the kids have started books because of your inspiration. One little boy is writing a book about the “don’ts of driving”. One of our teachers wants you back every three years. That way the younger kids get to listen to your “other” assembly. Anyway, we loved you!!!!”
Lisa Atkins,   Librarian,  California       latkins@sesd.org

“To Whom It May Concern:

            I have been an educator for almost three decades and have served as a teacher and an administrator. In that time I have attended and scheduled many different assembly programs. In both roles the goals of any assembly program is to offer enrichment to the students by providing some knowledge that is related to, but not always included in the curriculum. Hopefully the program is entertaining and enjoyable for the school as well. I offered to write this letter because I just attended a program that excited the students, the teachers, the parents and me. In all my years in education, it was clearly the finest program I have attended.
David Greenberg just held several assembly programs here out Pocopson Elementary School. In these programs, he entertained the students through comedic readings and stories. He kept them on the edge of their seats as he questioned them about different situations. However, most importantly he motivated them to want to write. He made writing fun and exciting. Each student felt that he was talking to him or her.
I have never attended an assembly program that motivated so many in attendance. Not only did the students leave with the desire to sit down and write, but many teachers and parents commented that they wanted to write a book as well.
In a period in education in which every minute is scrutinized and measured for accountability, the assembly program that David Greenberg presented at our school met every criterion of all who attended. The program was informative about the writing process; it motivated the students to not only write but conveyed a love of reading.
I have no hesitation recommending The David Greenberg assembly for any school program. You will find, as I did, it will measure up as one of the best you have ever seen.”
Andrew M. McLaughlin, Ed.D
Pocopson Elementary school

“Hi David,
Thank you so much for your fantastic, inspirational, and funny
presentations! We heard comments from many that you were the best
keynote speaker we have had! I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation!
It was a pleasure and honor for you to spend Thursday & Friday with

Best wishes,
Anne Riddle Michel
Educational Consultant
2814 N. Court
Ottumwa, Iowa 52501
641-682-8591 ext. 237

First let me thank you for the wonderful author visit experience.  I must
say you accomplished an extraordinary feat – keeping an entire audience
ranging from Kindergarten to 6th grade riveted for an entire hour.  Our
teachers and students raved about you.  My favorite comment came from a
young man who is a tough nut to crack regarding reading.  I asked him if he
liked your presentation and he had one word for it, “Awesome”.  Higher
praise from him could not be received.  I echo his sentiment. “
Barbara Metzenbaum, Topanga Elementary, CA   bmetzenb@lausd.k12.ca.us

        I received nothing but positive responses from your presentation –
teachers, staff and students loved you!  I wanted to let you know that our
art teacher said she has seen nearly 30 author/illustrator presentations
and yours was the BEST she has seen,  so you have accomplished your goal!
Thank you thank you!  I will recommend that we bring you back in a few
years when our kindergartners are in the older age group and we have a new
group of children to teach.”
Pam Horvath, PTA Programs Coordinator, Noble Elementary, OH

“Dear all,

We often struggle to identify authors who inspire, motivate and connect
with children. So, we want to share the experience we had this week at
Taipei American School with poet/author David Greenberg. David did a
fantastic job with all students from kindergarten to grade 5.

David is energetic and lively, he possesses a great sense of humor and
an extraordinary vocabulary. He is both an entertainer and a teacher.
Students enjoyed his dramatic renditions of his poems and his
entertaining stories. At the same time, they learned about the
importance of the beat, the power of words, and the value of noticing
the extraordinary in the ordinary. In his workshops, he modeled poetry
writing and every student left with an original composition. He also
demonstrated extraordinary crowd control with the students practically
eating out of his hands.

During his week long visit, David offered presentations to grades K-5,
workshops to grades 3-5 and a family night which was enjoyed by entire
families. Such was the enthusiasm of the students that the family night
audience surpassed all previous experiences. 

In addition to all of this, David is a very nice person who obviously
loves what he does. You can’t go wrong in inviting David to your school.
See more at 

Have a great Year of the Rooster!”

Catriona Moran
Prinicipal, Lower School, Taipei American School


7327 SW BARNES RD., PMB 623, PORTLAND, OR 97225


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