Librarian Results from Learning 2.011 in Shanghai, Sep 8-10

The librarian cohort of the conference was led by Ann Krembs and all our notes were gathered in a wikispace – L2Librarians:

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From: Ann Krembs <>
Date: Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 10:46 AM
Subject: L2Librarians

Dear Fellow Librarians,

I had such a great weekend meeting and sharing with you. Are you all buzzing with ideas just like me? I bet! Now to find the time…we forgot about that one! Although we did discuss some great timesavers.
Anyway, I wanted to write to let you know I’ve attempted to organize the notes from each of our sessions. Please feel free to add or change anything. On a personal/professional note I have joined SILCAsia and ECIS! Oh, and yesterday I also joined Library 2.0. Did you know they will be having an online conference across the timezones in November (12 and 13)? It looks very interesting:
 Again, I was really happy to meet all of you. I have been energized by our time together. 
Have a great week! And stay in touch…


— Submitted by Katie Day, UWCSEA East

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