What do students think of the Red Dot books?

How are your students sharing their thoughts on the Red Dot books?

Remember, anyone is free to comment on the individual book pages on the Red Dot website.

For example, students from CIS have been reading some picture books and posting their reactions there.

At my school, our middle-schoolers are members of private Goodreads groups where they post book reviews.

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  [I posted this update last night (Feb 8) but this morning my full edits aren’t here —  what happened, Blogger? Anyway, I am re-writing today, Feb 9.]

Since posting this yesterday (Feb. 7) a shameful truth has emerged.  I had shared with you an amazing review by a 7th grade student of “Stitches” by David Small, which he had posted on Goodreads — and which his English teacher had pointed out to me just as I was writing this blog post.

Unfortunately, the English teacher and I were not thinking — and not practicing critical reading.  (In our feeble defense, the student is very able.)  The review looked great, I got the student’s permission to share it more widely, and then came to our network meeting where I pointed it out with pride.

However, Yvonne Bowyer at AISS did a more careful reading of the review and easily found its source — the Goodreads main description, which was actually from the author’s own website.  It is definitely plagiarized, though he did add his own opinion at the end.  I have a Google Doc where his review is compared with others on the Internet; if you are interested in seeing it, just email me.

Needless to say, his reviews will be taken down and I expect he will publish an apology.

Many thanks again, Yvonne, for being so sharp — and giving me a lesson in praising and publishing in haste.  A bottle of champagne will be coming your way in gratitude.

— Katie

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