New Red Dot Book Awards website ready

UPDATED 25Oct12:  only good news now! is back online!  Bug resolved (thank goodness)….


OK, good news, bad news…

The new Red Dot website is ready for exploration (read: please let me know if any links don’t work – you are my beta testers).

Go to:

The bad news is that in shifting the domain name — — from the 2011-2012 Google Site to the 2012-2013 one, I encountered a bug.  I can’t get the new site to take on the “” name.  It’s small comfort that others in the world are just as frustrated with Google right now.  I’ve read their same sagas online: we did everything the instructions said to do, but Google balks.  And the bug is such that I can’t even set “” back to the old site.


Meanwhile, use the long link above and let me know what I’ve missed.

I’ll promote it with a bit more fanfare and explanation once I get the *^&$#% short link working.



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