Possible Storyteller Visit: Courtney Campbell

Homepage:  http://www.courtneycampbell.com

Click here for brochures, price information, etc. about Courtney Campbell.

Courtney is already booked to perform at some international schools in KL and HK — and is interested in stopping over in Singapore.

Dear Singapore International School Librarians,
I’m a singer/songwriter, storyteller/writer.  I’ve been performing in international schools world-wide for many years.  I’m going to be on tour in KL in September/October and in Singapore November 4-15.  Leanne Windsor of IIlliawara school in Australia recommended me to Katie Day.  In KL I”ll be performing for Siobhan Roulston at Garden International School as well as many other schools.  I”m available in your area November 4-15. To find out more about me you can go to my website: www.courtneycampbell.com.  I”ve also attached some ” information about myself, my fees and my work.  I would love to come and perform for your schools.  Please contact me at: ctc@courtneycampbell.com.   I look forward to hearing from you.  It would be helpful to hear from you within a few weeks  as I am in the process of booking all my tours for the coming school year.  

All the best,
Courtney Campbell

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