And the winners of the Readers Cup are….

We had a very successful Readers Cup event yesterday at SJI International.  For full information, including the scores for each team and the questions & answers for each competition, go to the Red Dot website – Readers Cup page.

In summary, Singapore American School (SAS) won the Younger Readers, St Joseph’s Institution (SJI) International won the Older Readers, and the German European School of Singapore (GESS) won the Mature Readers.  Congratulations to all!

The change in format — from oral questions to written ones with timed rounds — helped to speed up the length of each competition, though we still went over a bit.  (The Mature Readers event finished at 6:30pm.)  The change in scoring — increasing the number of questions and adding the selection of a Joker Round for double points and 10% bonus points for finishing within 3 minutes instead of 4 — did prevent tie situations, though narrowly.  In the Younger Readers event, there was just 0.1 points between 1st place and 2nd place!

I’ll put a Google Form up on the Readers Cup page to collect suggestions and comments on how the competition went.

Do you have any photos or videos of the event you’d like to share?  I’ve made a new Photos & Videos page for Readers Cup and have uploaded a few photos and videos that one of our teachers took for me.

Many thanks to Siti Nurhidayah for organizing things so well at the SJII end.  Lisa Patton at CIS Lakeside has already asked to host next year’s event — and Kate Brundage at SAS says she’ll do it the year after.

We are grateful to Cheryle Hum of Bookaburra Books for serving as a judge as well as supplying book prizes.  Thanks also to APD Books for their generous support of book prizes.

Special thanks also to Barb Philip Reid at Alice Smith School for sharing her experiences with Novel Knockout in KL and giving us the idea of timing the rounds and bonus points, as well as the all-important spreadsheet template for the more complicated scoring.  Maybe next year we will go with her idea of using iPads for the multiple choice quizzes.  At the very least I will be suggesting we use laptops and Google Forms for submission of the short-answer quiz as I killed quite a few trees prepping the quiz sheets this year.

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