“How was ALA?”

Quite a few of us attended the American Library Association (ALA) conference back at the end of June in Chicago.

  • Kate Brundage (SAS)
  • Ali Cuthbert (SAS)
  • Rosa Shin-Gay (SAS)
  • Nancy Johnson (SAS)
  • Kim Klein (SAIS)
  • Susanne Clower (UWC)
  • Katie Day (UWC)

plus (we later found out) one Grade 12 Dover student, Rabiah, went on her own (and picked up over 80 ARCs).  She’s a prolific blogger about YA literature — see“Confessions of a Readaholic”, aka  http://iliveforreading.blogspot.sg/ — and she has over 5,000 books on her Goodreads shelves.  (And, yes, we’ve invited her to join us on Thursday…..)

As we have the ALA evening coming up, I thought you might be interested in hearing something about the conference.

I have at least started on the process of feedback with this post: “Reporting back: On being with 26,000 librarians”.  You’ll notice I cleverly promise to write further posts about the individual sessions I attended.  (How many conferences do you attend and intend to write up later?  I have a whole filing cabinet full.)

So Kate, Ali, Rosa, Kim, and Susanne…. feel free to share what you got out of ALA.  You can be a guest blogger here (just send me whatever and I’ll post it for you).

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