The Charles Sturt Student Librarian Tour of Singapore Libraries

This week Judy O’Connell is in Singapore with 25 Charles Sturt University distance-learning students in librarianship for a week-long study visit.  Most of them have come up from Australia, while a few are living here in Singapore (e.g., our own Suzanne Parfitt at Tanglin, and Nadine Bailey, a UWCSEA parent).  We will hopefully be socializing with them on Wednesday night, after our network meeting.

In case you’re interested, here is their busy schedule:

And click here for a list of general questions about libraries that the students will be considering as they visit each library.  It’s a good reminder of the things we all should be aware of.

(If you go to Judy’s blog, you can see the presentation she did last week at IASL in Bali._

I’m looking forward to seeing them Wednesday….

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