Red Dot longlists – via LibraryThing

Okay, the Goodreads Listopia lists are still there for the public to add to, but I’m going to suggest that we librarians shift over to LibraryThing for our insider voting — in order to escape the outsiders who have put some not appropriate books on the list.  So this will be a parallel universe of sorts.

One of the advantages of the LibraryThing list feature is you can “VOTE DOWN” titles that other people have put on (just in case we get intruders).  In Goodreads you can only vote up titles.

2014-2015 LibraryThing Longlists for Red Dot

Early Years:

Younger Readers:

Older Readers:

Mature Readers:

NB:  When you get to these lists in LibraryThing (via the links above) and you are logged into your own LibraryThing account, on the right-hand side, opt to “Add to favourites”.

That way, when you are on your Home page and click on “Lists” on the left, the Red Dot lists will show up under “Favorites”.

Please add to these lists — and vote on books already there.  (HINT, HINT: The Early Years and Younger Readers lists are pretty bare….)

Remember:  only books from 2011, 2012, 2013, or 2014.  And if you have any doubt about which category to put it in, put it in two.

In the end we only need 8 books per category, but given we have a 4-year window to work with, long lists of good titles will never go to waste.  You can use this for your summer reading suggestions!

If you don’t feel up to dealing with another bibliographic tool, I understand.  I will watch the Goodreads Listopia lists and try to keep the two in parallel, but for discussion purposes come August, we’ll be looking at the books via LibraryThing.
My sincere apologies that in copying books over from Goodreads to LibraryThing, I won’t have transferred any comments you might have made as to WHY you chose the book.  
Most importantly, if anyone is interested in being on the Red Dot Committee, please add your name and relevant information to this Google Doc:  CLICK HERE.  The commitment means in-person meetings in August and September — and maybe October (though maybe we will master Google Hangouts better).  And lots of reading!
Happy reading over the long break…..

— Katie

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