ISLN Partners with Wheelers ePlatform

Wheelers has generously donated an ePlatform to ISLN. The committee decided to populate the ePlatform with 5 copies of the available Red Dot books. These are available now.
ISLN members will now be able to subscribe to their own ePlatform, and with a letter of introduction from the Secretary, have access to these titles and an additional 1000 titles in the Singapore consortium.
To subscribe contact Megan Bruere – 
Wheelers platform costs NZD375 per annum and you can choose to add your own books that you may wish to share with the consortium, although, you are not obliged to.
Alternatively, you can pay NZD1500 per annum and receive NZD1500 books of your choice. 
Books are reasonably priced but do have differing licence conditions depending on the publisher.
There is a good range of titles including a good selection of Australian and New Zealand titles. 

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