Red Dot Voting — has begun!

Yes, it’s time again for the winners to be determined…..

March 1 through May 1 is the voting season — for each school to decide which book in each of the four Red Dot reader categories is the winner for them….. and then we tally all the votes to say which book wins for all of Singapore.

As the Red Dots are a “children’s choice” award (after we librarians have come up with the shortlists), only students may vote.  And the rule is one vote per student per category (Early Years, Younger Readers, Older Readers, and Mature Readers). 

There is no minimum number of books that must be read (though we assume you have read at least two – as voting implies comparison between two or more things.)

Simply one vote per student per category.

There is an online Google Form for voting on the Red Dot website:

Or you can direct your students to the voting form via this short URL:

If you collect votes in your school in some other way, there is a form for librarians to tell us what your local votes are (so they can be included in the country-wide tally):

One week later the Singapore-wide winners will be announced on the Red Dot website.

There is a Voting Poster you can use to advertise the event:

 To download a size suitable for A3 printouts, go to the Red Dot Voting webpage:

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