Eric Walters available in January

Eric Walters is visiting CIS on January 18 and 19, 2012.  He also has two additional days available during the week to visit other schools.

Information about Eric can be found on his website. If you’re interested in booking him, e-mail him at:

Because of his background he can offer a number of different presentations during his visit.

Eric’s words:

I’ve been presenting for so many years, with so many books, and with a
teaching background, that I end up doing many, many different presentations
and workshops.  I can present very specific topics that are grade sensitive
from grades 2 – 12, as well as doing workshops on the writing process, and
evening presentations for parents.  Generally I can do up to four
presentations in a day and the audience can be up to 200 in size – although
with workshops it’s better to be around 50.  This often ‘morphs’ into
something different depending on what the school wants or needs.  Generally
– and this probably my teaching background – I work to be flexible around
presentation length, size of audience, travel between presentations, eating
lunch with students to discuss their writer or the writing process –
basically everything.  I bring all my own equipment including computer, data
projector and sound system.  I consider myself an ’employee’ of the school
for that day and work to fit into the scheduling demands of the school and
the needs of the students.

My usual fee for a day of presentations is $925.00 (inclusive with no taxes)
and that can be split between schools if I split the day between schools.
My expectations for travel costs and accommodation are always economy and

If your ‘community’ of schools also including Hong Kong or Thailand or Hong
Kong I would be thrilled to fit these in.  My last big trip in your
direction was to Japan – a wonderful trip – and I could certainly provide my
contact, Richie, as a reference.

It would be wonderful to make this work!  Thanks for your interest and I
hope to hear from you soon.


Shared by Sarah Torrible at CIS

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