Jeeva Raghunath, storyteller, visiting in February

A very happy New year from the team at Tulika Books, Singapore!

We are emailing to inform you about Jeeva Raghunath’s visit to Singapore next month.

Jeeva Raghunath is an acclaimed author and storyteller who has written a number of Tulika Books.
A primary teacher by training, Jeeva started telling stories from the age of 5 as she grew up amidst excellent storytellers. Thanks to Tulika Publishers who gave her the responsibility of translating an activity-based storybook into Tamil, she was introduced to the public as a storyteller. She has now grown to be a resource person, representing India at many international conferences.
Jeeva’s lively and dramatic storytelling performances keep all ages spell-bound. She believes that she is the best prop for her storytelling though she occasionally uses hand-puppets, paper and sign language. Stories include a wide range of Indian and Asian folk-tales, European tales, family stories, true life incidents, cross-culture stories and modern stories. She is now an author of children’s books and has translated 17 books and written two original stories two Tamil (regional Indian language) letters book. She has performed for many private television channels including Vasantham. Her original writings include Malli (bilingual), Gadagada Gudugudu (Tamil), Kasakasa (Tamil).
Her voice can be heard on many audio recordings as well including “Stories from India” with Roger Jenkins- drama plus arts- Singapore. Jeeva’s professional experience has taken her all over the globe, including Toronto, Cayman Islands, Toronto, Singapore, Malaysia. She is a founder member of the World Storytelling Institute, Chennai.
Jeeva will be in Singapore in February 2012. She can do readings from any of the Tulika titles. She is also available for workshops to train teachers in improving children’s language skills through story telling. Her storytelling rates are SG$200 for a half- hour session and SG$500 for a teachers’ workshop.
Catch a glimpse of Jeeva’s storytelling:

Please let me know if we can explore this. We would be happy to set up a stall at your school for the sale of Tulika Books during the storytelling as well.
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