Stories for Moral Education- 2 new books by Roger Jenkins

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Date: Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 4:12 PM
Subject: Stories for Moral Education- 2 new books by Roger Jenkins
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Dear Friends
As more emphasis is placed on values teaching, there is a need for practical, age-appropriate resources to make this difficult, abstract subject more accessible. I am pleased to present two new books, STORIES FOR MORAL EDUCATION (Juniors – for ages 7 – 12; Teens for ages 13+)  Both books offer more than 70 stories demonstrating key values in action. Please view the sample pages in the attached PDFs for the Juniors or Teens book – I recommend you use the view 2-page spread option when viewing the pdf.  Despite the title and their purpose, these stories make for a good read in themselves!
Why use stories? People listen to stories because they want to (stories are enjoyable!) and without feeling they are being preached at.  Stories help people to connect and, whereas ‘Thou shalt not’ is soon forgotten, ‘Once upon a time’ lasts forever.  Drawing on my experience as a professional storyteller, I have selected stories from around the world, and particularly Asia, for their narrative power and wisdom.  As they come from many different cultures, the stories also reflect the idea that these values are universal.
This is a book of values, not vices. While it is possible to teach by showing the negative (eg the perils of lying) I prefer to show the benefits of doing right (the rewards of honesty.) I believe in celebrating people making good choices and I am sure your school culture actively focuses on catching pupils doing good, rather than chasing those who make poor choices.
Values covered include: Honesty, Integrity, Teamwork, Sharing, Kindness, Respect, Family, Good Study Habits, Courage, Friendship, Speaking Right
The stories are short (less than 500 words) so they should only take 3 -5 minutes to tell. For the 50+ principal tales in each book (only two are duplicated), I provide practical tips to confident, lively telling, either in the classroom or an assembly. Additional short anecdotes and jokes (32 in Juniors, 42 in Teens) make each book a rich resource.  The book comes with a CD-ROM containing supporting visual materials (such as PowerPoints and PDFs) to enhance the telling of some stories, as well as videos of me telling stories too.
Size                   A5 
Pages               176, glossy art paper, 1 colour text
Cover                Paperback, 4 colours
Printed by         DigiLab Pte Ltd
Schools familiar with my Stellar-related resources, THE DRAMA TOOLKIT, will know that my work is tailored to the Singapore context and reflects more than 30 years work as a teacher/performer/writer here in Singapore.

Place your order by 29th February and save $25%  Pay a flat rate of $30 per book (inclusive of postage) 
Delivery guaranteed by 9h March 2012.

And as I’m self-publishing, if you want to customise a special edition for your school, cluster or organisation, you won’t have to purchase hundreds and hundreds!

I look forward to hearing from you. An order form is attached.

Roger Jenkins

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Download Teen Book sample
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