Rukhsana Khan coming to Singapore in May

Dear ISLN members, 
Plans have been finalized for me to come to Singapore for the AFCC 2012 conference 26th -29th of May 2012.
Once again I am available for school presentations.
In order to keep things simple I am charging a flat rate of $350.00 U.S. per hour session. (This includes all expenses.)
My presentations range from kindergarten to secondary school.
Considering that children will be familiar with my book Big Red Lollipop please note that the presentation I do that features that book is called Picture the Story and is recommended for students from the age of 4 to 7. For older kids who are probably familiar with my novelWanting Mor, the inspiration behind that story is in the presentation of the same name.
In addition to being honoured by the nomination for the Red Dot award, Big Red Lollipop was chosen by the New York Times as one of the ten best picture books of the year as well as winning both American awards for best picture book writing. Wanting Mor has received a total of thirteen other international nominations besides the Red Dot award nomination. (In fact last November it was up for an award in England that was presented at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre. I was honoured to attend the ceremony!)
I am interested in booking the dates before the conference from May 21st to 25th.
Information for my primary presentations can be found here:
Information for my junior and intermediate presentations (grades 4-8) can be found here:
For further information about the themes and material covered in the presentations please check out the teacher guides:
The curriculum applications found in the final pages of the guides are taken from the Ontario curriculum guide but I’m sure the principles are transferrable to international schools as well.
I’ve attached a copy of my brochure for more information about myself.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
All the best,

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