Holly Thompson – visit Singapore in May?

I am hoping to have Holly Thompson visit our middle school in May — around the time of the AFCC.  Here is an excerpt from a recent email I received from her:

Thank you! And I’m also happy to say that Orchards was awarded the APALA 2012 Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature and is a YALSA 2012 Best Fiction for Young Adults selection. The Tomo anthology launches March 10, and my novel The Language Inside will be published in 2013. It’s been a busy year!

I do not have funding to go to AFCC this year, but I’d love to attend. I could manage it if I had two school visits, say May 28 and 29: my fee per day (up to 5 periods per day is 400 USD and the schools would need to share RT airfare from Tokyo (about 700 USD), plus 2 or 3 nights hotel (I’d swing any other nights). On my hatbooks.com site, there is info on my presentations (and I’m developing more…), Interviews, Book Group Discussion Questions for Orchards and more. The Tomo site (tomoanthology.blogspot.com) has many contributor interviews and will soon have an Educational Resources section.

Let me know if you are interested in helping to bring Holly to Singapore in May.

— Katie Day

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