Voting begins! Red Dot Book Awards 2012

Yes, the week of voting has begun.  Your students have one week to cast their votes.
Each student can vote once in each category.
Go to the Red Dot website for voting information — the voting form has been embedded on the front page of the website.
Or give your students this link:
In order to know which votes come from which schools (so you can announce your school’s winner, which may differ from the country one),  we issue each school/library with a School Voting Code.  Your students will need to type it in when accessing the online SurveyMonkey poll.
A link to a Google Spreadsheet with all the school codes has been sent to ISLN members via our Google Group.  If you didn’t get that email, simply email us (  (Also, if you voted last year and can find an email telling you your old code, just use that again.)

Feel free to test out the online voting process yourself.  Just put the word TESTING in as the SCHOOL CODE and we will ignore that entry when it comes to tallying votes.
You don’t have to use the online voting poll.  You can collect votes in any way you want — and them submit the totals to us.  There’s a form for librarians to submit block vote tallies  on the same Voting page on the website.  Note: you will find your Block Voting School Code in the same spreadsheet link above.

NOTE: for your school’s votes to count in the final tally, we need to receive your data by Thursday night (the day after voting closes).
Schools may choose to use more than one method of collecting votes to tailor the process to the age of their students and time constraints. 

For example, you may use the online individual voting form for older students (which involves no extra work on your part, except for passing out the School Voting Code), while opting to tally the picture book votes for your younger students yourself and then submitting those votes as a block to us (see procedure/links on the website).  Note: If you make a mistake, just submit again — all the entries are time-stamped and if we see two from the same school/person, we’ll assume the second one is correct.

Happy Voting!
Question? Contact Kim Klein or Katie Day or

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