New local library supplies company: PM Associates

I had a visitor a while back from a local company now offering library and book care products: PM Associates

David Wong is the sales executive ( – tel: 9769-5569) and they’re located at 20 Sin Ming Lane #02-63, Midview City, Singapore 573968.   Website =

As you will see on their website, they mainly do IB and IGCSE textbooks.  (In fact, their website doesn’t seem to indicate they carry library supplies.)

PM Associates’ library products come from Neschen, a German company.   See, for example, their book care products here.

One thing in their catalog which I’ve been looking for locally is a tape rolls dispenser:

(Gawd, the small things that will make us happy….)

Anyway, welcome to PM Associates.

I’ve put them in our Suppliers spreadsheet (click for link here).  Remember everyone is welcome to add to that list.

— Katie

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